What will my order fulfillment cost?

Please contact us directly for specific quote.

How do I transmit my orders to you?

We are flexible and have the ability to accept:

• CSV File

• Excel Spreadsheet

• XML File

• Fax

• e-Mail

What is your normal order cut-off time?

Orders received before 1.00 PM CST are shipped same day and orders received after 1.00 PM are shipped next business day.

Will you process my returns?


What are your shipping methods and costs?

We utilize services of all major carriers:



• FedEx


How quickly will my orders be delivered?

It depends on the shipping method selected.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we ship to all countries served by USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS and provide either an Export Declaration Form or a copy of your Export Commercial Invoice, depending on customs requirements, and your customers pay any required duties upon delivery.

Can you send ship confirmation emails?

Yes, we send an order confirmation email to you and at your option we can send a ship confirmation email to your customers which includes the tracking number and your custom sales message text.

Can you provide some references?

Here is a list of our customers:

– Mercola.com

– Genisoy.com

– K / P Corporation

– Excellent Bindery

– Alveo

– Worlds of Spain, Inc

– RE / MAX

What merchandise do you NOT handle?

We do not handle haz-mat materials, illegal or pornographic merchandise. . Fragile items such as fine art, posters, glass bottles or sensitive electronics must be packed in custom engineered containers that you provide—simple newsprint or foam peanuts will not work.

Can you do gift wrapping for me?

Yes, There is extra fulfillment cost other than your additional purchase expense of the special gift packaging required. Contact our sales department for the details.

Who provides the insurance for my inventory?

PTS Fulfillment pvovides you with $500,000 coverage for your products. We can raise this limit if necessary.

Who covers transit damage and lost shipments?

Your DHL and UPS shipments have an automatic $100 damage or loss insurance coverage built into their standard rates and you can request additional transit UPS, DHL and USPS insurance in your ship instructions to us. Compensation is limited to the cost of merchandise and not loss of business, incidental or consequential damages.

What about order fulfillment errors that you make?

If we make an error such as wrong SKU or wrong picking count we will issue a call tag to recover your merchandise at our expense, express ship replacement merchandise at our expense or compensate you for your cost of lost merchandise up to $100 per order. Like UPS, DHL and USPS, are we not liable for loss of business or incidental or consequential damages.

Is your order fulfillment center a FDA registered facility?

Yes, our FDA Food Facility Registration number is #17209436332 which can be entered into your FDA prior notice application, if required. For more information about food bioterrorism regulation requirements, please visit www.access.fda.gov. Incidentally, we do handle packaged foods, however our fulfillment center does not have the sanitary conditions required to package food products nor do we have the ability to store frozen foods.

Do you charge for sales literature inserts?

Yes, we charge $.10 for each insert kit which can contain up to 10 individual brochures, postcards, flyers or coupons. Depending on complexity, there may be an assembly fee to preassemble your literature kits prior to insertion with your orders. Also, your insert kit can be assigned a special default SKU number in our system so that every order will include the literature kit automatically. Otherwise, you must include the literature kit SKU and quantity with each order yourself.

Can your fulfillment center handle our returns as well?

You can have your customer returns sent directly to you or you can have your returns sent to us –each of your packing lists includes custom return instruction text that you edit from your fulfillment control panel. Our typical return processing fee is $2.00 per order plus $.30 per item and upon receipt of each return shipment, we inspect each item and send you a notification email. If the returns are directed to you, you of course handle return receiving and sorting on your own.

Can I ship as both full cases and individual items?

If you ship certain SKUs as both individual items and as full cases of the same item, you can split your inventory into two SKU groups to get the same $.30 price for an unopened case as we would charge per individual item.

Can I add extra UPS, DHL or USPS package insurance?

Yes, you can check add insurance and enter the dollar amount using your control panel order entry screen or add insurance Y/N and dollar amount fields to your CSV and XML upload files. There is no extra fulfillment fee for added package insurance and the carrier’s insurance fee is automatically added to your package delivery reimbursement cost.

Do you provide kitting and assembly services?

Prepackaging multiple “child” items to a “parent” SKU prior to shipment instead of paying a per item pick & pack fee could save you considerable expense over time. Kitting cost is based on $35 per hour divided by net production and we can handle special projects like sorting, refurbishing, labeling and bulk repacking as well. For an assembly quotation, please contact our sales department. Please contact us for unique quote.

How do you bill for your order fulfillment services?

We bill and collect each week for your prior week’s fulfillment fees and expense reimbursement. We can ACH wire transfer to process payment directly from your checking account or debit your prepaid deposit account. Visa and MasterCard processing is available subject to a 4% markup on your delivery expense reimbursement.

If I want to, how do I terminate our arrangement?

You are free to discontinue our service at any time without penalty. We require a 90 days written notice prior to termination. If your fulfillment fees remain unpaid or if we can not reach you via email or telephone for a period of 90 days, we will assume you have abandoned your inventory and will apply the liquidation proceeds to your account.

What is your company privacy policy?

As your outsourced fulfillment service provider, we do not share, sell, rent, trade or distribute your fulfillment data to third parties unless required by law.